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“Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.” Prov 3:5 Amp

“For the Lord shall be your confidence, firm and strong, and shall keep your foot from being caught [in a trap or some hidden danger].” Prov 3:26 Amp

“The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand [the side not carrying a shield].” Ps 121:5 Amp



According to Wikipedia, a constellation is a group of stars that are considered to form imaginary outlines or meaningful patterns on the celestial sphere.

In like manner, what if the things that our heart most values and cares about could form such a meaningful pattern? Could it make sense to us? What would it look like? Our family album? Our pet? Our car? Sad smile

What if what holds the greatest devotion for my heart also carries a charge – like light? With the Lord being that which possesses the most light, and the things of this world the least light ….  Is the constellation of my heart filled with light? Or not?

This notion has an interesting “spin off” for me in my celestial understanding as it involves the Lord as my Keeper.

I can believe the Lord is my Keeper, and I can believe that I am trusting in Him and keeping my focus on Him. I can believe that He guards my way, and by faith I can rest every detail of my life, and even all of my personality, on Him.

Or… I can think that I am believing all of that, but I keep an ever watchful eye on my own walk, my own steps, and even the terrain before me.  In that case, even though I think I am trusting in the Lord … I am really trusting in myself and my ability to walk carefully. (I am speaking to myself here.)

Thus the light of my heart constellation glows with the level of myself and its own inherent light. My eyes are focused on me ….

What the Lord desires is that we truly cast all our cares on Him … for He is our Keeper. Then, my eyes remain trained upon Him with all my heart and all my mind in confident trust. He is able to keep all that is committed to Him.

Kinda like Peter when he was walking on water: He committed it all in faith unto the Lord – but then he stopped as the waves gained his attention.  But in the moment, or minutes, before Peter began to sink I believe the constellation of Peter’s heart shone with the very glory of God’s light – because for that brief moment, God was everything to him!

We have that same opportunity as Peter! In the moments of your life where God is everything, and your focus is entirely trained upon Him — you also shine with the Light of the Son!

And now, we just need to do it again, and again, and again! To connect the dots, and persist! It can happen! The Way is already made. But it is done, not as we examine our steps and moderate our way ourselves.

It is done when we put all our confidence and trust in the One Who is our Keeper, believing He holds us – as we continually commit our way and ourselves to Him!


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