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Day Thirteen

Held Together- Transferring Your Confidence

“And He Himself existed before all things, and in Him all things consist (cohere, are held together).”  Col 1:17

It is my hope that one day we will see the truth of things so clearly – that we will be amazed that we could ever have doubted… Him, or the fact that He has held all things.  1Cor 13:9-12 speaks of how we now see in a mirror dimly, but when perfection comes we will see clearly and with completeness.  I believe this is saying when Jesus manifestly returns we will actually “see” visually with completeness – for perfection will be before us.  But for now, I believe the saints have the capacity in Christ to grasp with fingers of faith a level of “spiritual vision” that can perceive perfectly.  We have already been brought out of darkness and into the Kingdom of the Son of His love (Col 1:13). When we see with eyes of faith we will see the truth and the truth will set us free.  Free from what?  Having confidence in the temporal over the eternal, sight over faith, natural over supernatural, etc. etc.

We can find hints of this in certain observations.  Take water for instance.  There is a scientific principle called cohesion (which is derivative from cohere in the Scripture above).  Try this!  Spill a bit of water on a waterproof table surface and also put a substantial drop of water nearby that spill, then trace a line of water from the drop to the spill.  The water from the drop will be drawn into the water mass of the spill.  This is cohesion.  They are united because of molecular likeness, and the greater body always draws the smaller.

As believers, we are like the water drop placed in proximity to the life and reality of Jesus Christ.  We are drawn to Him, we become more and more like Him — which draws us even closer to Him!  He draws us with the cords of man!  The more of Him we have, the more fully we cohere to Him– because of this property of cohesion.  He is our head spiritually, but He is also our center.  We are always moving closer to Him in intimacy.  In Him we cohere and are held together! We are most definitely “stuck” (in the very best sense) on Him!

When life storms or trials occur, the greatest damage occurs if we fail to remain stuck on Him, and instead put our trust in something else.  Our substance is not of “medical-likeness”, or “money-likeness.”  It is not of “world-likeness” or “man’s wisdom-likeness.”  It is of Christ-likeness!  So we must stick with the right thing – or rather the right One.  Nothing else has the inherent power to hold us together like Jesus.  Everything else is just a cheap imitation.  Stick with the Genuine, hold to the True.  No matter what — He’s got it all-together!


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