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Day Fourteen

The Value of One

“What man of you, if he has a hundred sheep and should lose one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the wilderness and go after the one that is lost until he finds it?” Lk 15:4

We are moved today in the world by the notion that more is better, faster is better, and getting a bigger bang for the buck is good.  This thinking even spills over into our strategies for the Kingdom of God, though I don’t see this in the heart of the Father or Jesus.  In fact, what I see from the word is a continual reiteration of the great value of just one individual from Jesus’ perspective.  He constantly connected to people, individually, mano a mano, wherever He was at.

For instance, when the woman with the issue of blood was pressing through the crowd seeking only to touch the hem of His garment to receive healing – He recognized her touch as He felt the virtue of power leave although He was surrounded and hemmed in by crowds who were also touching Him.  Even when talking to groups of Pharisees He was able to discern their thoughts individually, and to recognize them as belonging to each person.  He also is able to discern when just two or three are gathered in His name – and He assigns value and power to that gathering for having their prayers answered.  Also, every deliverance, every healing, every salvation – Jesus accomplished one by one.  Mark 6:56 tells us that “as many as touched Him were restored to health.”  You could be part of a group that was touching Him and getting healed – but unless you touched Him yourself, you could not receive healing.  He deals with us individually.  Each of us is distinctly unique and important individually to the Lord!

This value of you – your value to the Lord is something that settles your heart as to your importance in His eyes, becomes a platform of strength against temptation and sin, and fortifies you in your place and role in the Kingdom.  The only way we can know this value, however, is to have revelation of it from the Lord through His word as we sit before Him.  He communicates it to us!  He begins to personalize the truth of His word for us.  It has our name on it as His love letter!  He says to us: “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jer 31:3)  “I have loved you to the last and highest degree.” (Jn 13:1)  “My Father has loved you even as He has loved Me.” (Jn 17:23)  But this value of one is not just for us alone!  The Father desires that none should perish, but that all would come to repentance – hence He would have us communicate His love and value to others so that they may know Him.

Each of us has people within our sphere of influence (people we know and interact with) who are in a sense “lost sheep” or struggling.  Jesus values these people!  He would leave 99 of His saints to go pursue the one that is lost.  He would have us care and notice the needs of these people.  The question is:  Will we?  Would you and I have His heart concerning these people?  Are we willing to reach out in caring for the one He wants to recover?  Are we willing to put aside our pursuits and pursue what and who He wants?

The problem is we want evangelists in stadiums to do our work for us.  We want people to come to a church service and find Jesus.  But Jesus is saying to us – as the Father sent Me, now I send you!  He is waiting for us to hear Him.  He is waiting for us to gain His heart that each  “one” is vitally important – because everyday of every life – He works through one at a time – changing families through one child – changing churches through one life on fire for Him….. We cascade forth into the world as His living water – one person at a time!  Are you willing to go for Him – to pray with Him — to seek and save in His name – the “one” that is lost?  He is waiting to hear from you – His “one”.



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