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“Behold, the virgin shall become pregnant and give birth to a Son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel – which, when translated, means, God with us.” Amp Mt 1:23

A way is already made. Mary has already been pregnant. God is already with us!

The question for all of us is, “What have you done with that Truth?”

As Jesus Christ was formed supernaturally into Mary His mother, so He is still being formed into people just being saved this day.  His life and Kingdom have not failed to advance in any way.  In fact it is true that since the days of John the Baptist the Kingdom of God has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it (Mt 11:12).

The question is: “Have you laid hold of it as well?”

Has the life of Jesus Christ found a place in you?  Has He now been formed in you?

Do you know while there are many religions in the world, not one of them except Christianity can profess to have a solution for this worlds’ ills that is “out of this world?” And in fact it is not our solution at all, but that of God the Father!

That is correct! “Jesus Christ was born into this world, not from it.  He did not emerge out of history; He came into history from the outside. Jesus Christ is not the best human being the human race can boast of – HE is a Being for whom the human race can take no credit at all. He is not man becoming God, but God Incarnate – God coming into human flesh from outside it.” (Oswald Chambers)

As you and I come to the Lord in faith, asking for His life to dwell in us – He is Emmanuel, God with us (and within us) in every sense of the word.

As John the Baptist heralded His coming – a way was prepared – the King’s Highway! For everyone who could believe it and receive it – that way was made within them. The King’s Highway is not a royal road that you drive upon to find the Lord. But rather, it is a way formed within us, a way of life and light that gives entrance to the Kingdom of God to dwell within us and where the King and His principles of life rule and flourish within.

But it is from out of this world that it came. And as it is from out of this world, it trumps and overcomes every issue of this world! So whatever you are facing this day: moral dilemmas, financial lack or ruin, relationship conflicts, health challenges… every challenge in this world finds an answer in the life of Emmanuel – God with us! The challenge is… can you believe it?

We are called as believers to guard our hearts above all that we guard – for out of it flows the issues of life (Prov 4:22-23). It is in that very place, the heart of man the spirit, that the life of Emmanuel resides as the Holy Spirit! And out of your heart flows with the issues of His life… but only if you have first received – Him. You can have His way, and the Highway… today!

What better gift to have this Christmas – than His life flourishing in you! Merry Christmas!



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