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Protected Ground

Protected Ground

In Peter’s heart burned agony,

He spoke with hostile heat.

“No! I don’t know Him!”

Then fled in full retreat.

Yet the Cross soon broke his spirit,

His precious Lord would die.

Hot tears of desolation,

No longer could he hide.

How was it that he failed?

He saw his nature flawed.

The vital test not passed,

To put his trust in God.

The words of Jesus rang,

Like cymbals deep inside.

They spoke of “sifted wheat,”

Threshing out his pride.

This pride and his ambition,

Set him up to fail,

Though Satan used this darkness,

It served God after all.

The caution stands for you and me,

Where darkness lurks within.

Where thought- life goes un-crucified,

A stronghold grows for sin

Let not our carnal thinking,

Or religious pride abound.

For deception seeks safe harbor,

Within protected ground.

© 2001 Sandra Gilloth


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