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“Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of man] – blessed (happy, fortunate, and enviable) is he.” Prov 29:18 Amp

Yesterday afternoon’s reports from the National Republican Committee Convention depict total mayhem, madness, and a throwing off of every previous restraint of decorum and party protocol as there was refusal to listen to any other drumbeat but that of Trump. States with valid issues concerning delegates had no voice. Intransigence has entered the picture as republicans have taken a page from the Obama democratic playbook and determined, “If I don’t listen to you, you can’t tell me I can’t do it.”

The Trump party has opted for “bulldozer” tactics and to not deviate no matter what.

Neither Trump, nor the Republican Party, nor America has noticed… Humpty-Dumpty has slid off the wall. Not all of Trump’s horses, nor all of his men can ever put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.

Who or what is Humpty-Dumpty?  It is synonymous with the illusion that the United States ever was, or could ever be, “Great Again” –short of its anchoring to, reliance upon, and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ!  Everything good about America is directly related and reaped from a historical submission and National relationship “under God.” When that submission and trust and reliance upon God departs, things come crashing down.

The Real Failure

To believe that we sit now with a failure of a two-party political system, and to wring our hands in worry over candidates is to actually miss the greater issue, and our greater failure, and the chance for true success that still lies before us!

The real failure is we (the Church/The Body of Christ) have failed to retain our vision, our corporate National focus on the Lord. The verse quoted above, Prov 29:18 reads like this in the New King James version:

“Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint.”

When Moses climbed Mt Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, the people corporately threw off all restraint. They fell to carousing, sensuality, and base behavior.

In Moses was resident the prophetic vision of God. He was the one God had spoken to and given the instruction to deliver the Hebrew Nation. In the absence of Moses and his leadership (his vision of God), the people threw off restraint.

Now, lest you misunderstand, every time the church has decided against God’s leading and provision and will, but instead chose to be lawless, to rebel, to be unfaithful, to be independent, to follow and put other things before Him, to forget Him, to worship other things…etc. She, (We the Body) have thrown off His restraint, time and time again.

The consequence is, when the Body, charged with being salt and light in the world, fails to remain in a committed relationship with the Lord, their power to preserve and cover grows small and weak.  It is like the light of a candle that is burning dimly weakens and cannot cast much light.

This is not to say that there are not members of the Body who are in right relationship with the Lord, and living righteously… there are. This is to say that we are seeing in the breaking of Humpty-Dumpty, that even the Body has put too much trust in things other than Jesus Christ.  We have believed in government solutions and education, and other things.  And we have been content to allow a political sector that has no relationship to the Lord, grow and take charge and tend our national heritage. Yet their only regard for this heritage and what our Forefathers purchased with their own blood, is to steal it and bend it into something it was never meant to be!

Our Real National Treasure

Our real National Treasure is the freedom that was secured by God’s grace, operating in those same Forefathers, that opened a destiny for America to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and follow Him, as a Nation!

For those people in America who are truly saints of God, He is not lost to us, but He has been marginalized by many of our decisions that have elevated things of this world and have lost sight of the things of God.

Matthew 6:21 tells us: “…where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

America, it is time to recognize our true Treasure once again.  It is time to come back to the Lord with hearts repenting over loving other things more than Him.  It is time to see where we each actually are, and where He has called us to be. It is time America, to fall in love with Jesus again, and actually forget ourselves, the things of this world, and begin to know Him and follow Him to the exclusion of other things.

We must put Him first! Our natural logic might say,”No, we need to fix this, or focus on this in the world” …These are just the squeaky wheels demanding your attention and energy.  But to give those your energy now, would be a grave mistake.

On our own, even as citizens, we have no power to stem the tide of what is coming. But in our devotion to Christ, we can actually be the salt and light He has charged us to be in a land of increasing darkness. In that manner, we stand to draw people to Him! And that is truly all our greatest need!

If He is Lifted Up

The word of God tells us that Jesus is the same, today, as yesterday and tomorrow. He doesn’t change – He is steady state. When we lift Him up in our hearts, in prayer, in worship, in love, in service, in our lives as the Chief, the Head our Beloved… then it is the same as when He was lifted up on the Cross – He draws all men unto Himself!  This is our purpose for being in this world!  Not to lift up America or try and make her great again!  But to be mirrors of the Lord’s glory and light, lifting Him up before all men, that by any means we may save some!

America, it is time to align our hearts with the reality that our true treasure is in Christ alone! Only when our treasure, our hearts, and Jesus are in the same place will we ever walk into the destiny that the Lord has for us as His Body and His Bride. It was never about making America great… it is about loving the One Who is Great, and Who shares Himself with us!



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