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Day Sixty

Who’s Your Mommy Now?

“”But the Jerusalem above (the Messianic kingdom of Christ) is free, and she is our mother.”    Gal 4:26

            If you are a born again believer in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior – then you have… been born again.  You have had a second birth!  Now your lineage has changed, your life has changed, and also – your future has changed!

Your first birth was completely natural.  You had a natural birth from a natural mother.  You were born of bloods and water.  At that point your life and destiny were in the natural realm – and because of that you were a slave.  You were in fact born into slavery.  It was the best that could be done in the natural realm.  You were exactly like the child of Hagar, spoken of in Galatians 4:24-25.  Hagar is an allegorical figure here, who represents the first Covenant, originating at Mt Sinai (the Law.)  All who are her children are slaves born under the law, and Hagar is in bondage to the law – just as are her children. Like Jerusalem today, this refers to all who have had only a natural birth and are children by physical descent.  They are all slaves to the law, and thus guilty and condemned – for no one can be justified by the law.  No one can be saved by the law.

However, when you were born again, you were in fact born from above.  You were born of the will of God, not man. (Jn 1;13) Your birth was not natural and fleshly, it was supernatural !  Thus the life you now have in you is supernatural!  It of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and originates out of His Messianic Kingdom! This life is no longer of slavery, but is a life born in freedom – just like Isaac’s life – who was the son of Promise.  You then too are a son of promise.  You share an inheritance in the realm of the Messianic kingdom because you were born of Christ’s Spirit.  You are now free!

But just as Ishmael (son of Hagar and slave under bondage) despised and persecuted Isaac (the free son of promise), so too children of the Messianic kingdom and Promise will be despised and persecuted by those not having a new birth.  The world will persecute and despise believers in Jesus Christ.  The Word says: “So it is now also.” (Gal 4:29)

Thus, we stand today as sons of promise, a people with an inheritance, a future and a destiny.  It doesn’t begin tomorrow — or when we die.  The eternity we have begins the moment we receive Jesus and begin to walk out His new live lived in us today – in the spirit.  So now what? Just as you know the members of your natural family, get to know the Body of Christ (your new family)!  We’ll be together for a long time!  Also get fully acquainted with the guidelines Jesus has inspired through the Holy Spirit, the Bible: Your Basic Instructions BEFORE Leaving Earth.  This Word will help you to grow and mature. But also become intimate with your Savior and His Kingdom.  Spend time with Him – it will help you to trust Him!  After all – His Father is your Father, and His Kingdom (the New Jerusalem) – well… She’s your Mommy now!


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