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Day Fifteen

Only Two Sources

(The World or the Father)

“Do not love or cherish the world or the things that are in the world.  If anyone loves the world, love for the Father is not in him.”  1Jn 2:15

Since the fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden, two grand competing tracks of provision and sourcing have run dually along the timeline of man.  They are two exclusive systems which not only are completely different, but they are adversarial to each other.  That is they are diametrically opposed to each other – and yet chronologically they both run from the fall to the end times.  Only one is destined to remain forever – that is the line of provision and sourcing from the Father.  1Jn 2:17 (Amp.) indicates that: “ …the world passes away and disappears, and with it the forbidden cravings (the passionate desires, the lust) of it; but he who does the will of God and carries out His purposes in his life abides (remains) forever.”

Not only are there just two systems, but each one has unique qualities that are “of it.”  The world track has forbidden cravings and lusts.  The Father track has the will and blessing of the Father and eternal life.

Not only will the provision and sourcing that is from the Father remain forever – but those who rely on it and have their needs met in it – they too remain forever.

The question you and I must face is twofold.  Which track do we think we rely on:  the world and its provision, or the Father?  Secondly, which track are we really running on and living our life according to?  This is a matter of grave import!

I was first provoked by this when I was reading 1Jn 2:16.  You probably know it well – but it says that all that is in the world can be categorized as the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.  These things do not come from the Father it says but are from the world!  You see God told Adam that the ground (earth) was under a curse because he gave heed to the leading of Eve and ate the fruit in disregard to the Father’s instruction.  From that time forward Adam was going to eat the fruit of the earth all the days of his life.  This fruit is not just a literal product of toil – but is also what we reap when we sow to the track of the world by trusting in it and running upon it!  These fruits are the very lusts spoken of above!  Making the world your provision means succumbing to its draw and living by your fleshly appetites for physically sensual things, the longings of your mind, and the assurance and trust in your own resources (from the earth/flesh) and the stability of those things to continue on.  A dependence on the things of the world/flesh is diametrically opposed to putting your trust in the Lord.  It was this very decision that caused the fall in the Garden.  It can do no better today!

When we choose instead to run on the Father track (and make a deliberate choice to depend only on Jesus, to follow Him and trust in His resources, and to surrender all that we are into His hands) — we are truly freed from the curse of the Garden and the world’s hold.  In Him we can now bear fruit for righteousness that endures with us forever.  Before we could only derive from the world the temporal fruits of the earth (the lust of the eyes, etc.) that confirmed our ultimate destruction.  As we continue in reliance on Christ and we do the Father’s will (which is to follow and believe on Christ and remain in Him), then we abide forever!

Now we know the enemy, Satan, is a great deceiver.  He can present himself as an angel of light.  The greatest travesty would be for a believer to think his dependence was on the Father and His track when his choices and life reveal he was really trusting in the world!  If we love the world and trust in its offerings the love of the Father is not in us.  As we sow to the world track we are ruled by the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes and the pride of life.  Throughout our life, all that we can reap is destruction and eternal judgment.

Be wise in this and not deceived.  What track do you trust in?  What track is your life running on?  Is it of the world or the Father?  They have very different destinations!



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