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Day Fifty-Nine

God’s Dealings with Internal vs External Enemies to the Church

“… how I persecuted and abused the church of God furiously and extensively and [with fanatical zeal did my best] to make havoc of it and destroy it.” Gal 1:13 Amp

          It’s the difference between “hot” and “lukewarm!”  In the Scripture reference above Saul of Tarsus (who later would be converted to become the Apostle Paul) was red hot to destroy the church. Yet God in His grace did not destroy Saul – He saved Him, and redirected Him mightily!

No, the harshest dealings from God do not befall His enemies that persecute and try and destroy the church – the harshest penalty comes to those who posture themselves as “part of the church”, yet have another agenda that is not God’s.  If they preach another Gospel, if they put a carnal even evil twist – on Truth, for these, God says … “Let them be accursed – Anathema (devoted to destruction).” Gal 1:8-9 [These] are the lukewarm!  They have been around the fire of the Presence – but in the midst of that glory setting they have not embraced the fire, rather they have withstood it for their own cause.

Like Judas – who betrayed Jesus because he was swayed by the evil one to hand Jesus over – these internal adversaries have withstood the fire of glory and goodness, and been corrupted instead by the enemy.  There is a great warning for us all who consider ourselves a bondservant to Jesus — to humbly, continually, yield and submit ourselves, to ensure we are one with His party and siding wholly with Him.  The deception the enemy uses perverts one’s perception of good – for evil.  Its heart and core are rebellion – it deceives its slaves into believing they are doing God’s will (see John 16:1-2).

Now I take a strange comfort here.  Are any of my loved ones adversarial to the church of Jesus Christ?  Now I pray that they will become red hot – even persecuting it (as God allows).  But now I pray heartily, Lord, they would not be lukewarm, and not be corrupted in the very midst of Your glory and presence.

God help us all to not fear Your blatant enemies externally, but instead to pray for them to become red hot, and that they would be converted!  Lord, let us regard with discernment those who appear to be Yours, yet are not: who preach another Gospel, another Jesus, in another spirit  – but we perceive it not!  God help us to reverentially fear only You Lord, and remain secure in that place without deception! Amen!


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