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Day Sixty-Two

A Time for Seedy Intercession

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven:”  Eccl 3:1

            The Gospel of Luke shares the parable of the sower in Luke8:5-15.  We are provided with four types of seed situations that describe the conditions of people concerning their “take” on the word of God – the word being of course the seed.

We may be familiar with these situations:  seed which fell on a path; seed which fell on the rock; seed in the midst of thorns; and seed which fell into good soil.  Of the four only the last appears to be the life of a seemingly successful believer in Jesus Christ, as the others are lacking in various ways.  For instance:  seed on the traveled path depicts a person who hears the word, but the enemy (Satan) steals the message.  Seed on the rock: they hear the word with joy, and believe for a while, but because they lack a deep root in Jesus they eventually fall away. See Luke 8:14-15 for the last two interpretations for my point is not to relay what the word is already clear on.  Rather I would provoke you to an insight.

Nowhere in this discussion of the seed is there any statement that says these various situations are unchangeable.  In fact, I believe this is an amazingly delicious strategy for us to actually pray and “interseed” for the people in these situations, and to thwart the enemy in his plans.  I believe the Lord would have us see the limitations and pray for His remedy!

So say we or someone we know is like the seed that fell along a traveled road.  There is no requirement or limitation that says we or them has to cry in our cherrios because that is the current status.  In humility we can come before the Lord and ask for the very thing we lack (in this case belief in the word that would be received before the devil can whisk it away).  For the seed upon the rock we can pray that the Lord would provide a deep root in Himself so that in temptation or trial they would not fall away.  You see –d?

Thus, we are not just seeing this word as some terminal diagnosis, but by faith we believe the power of Jesus can ameliorate even these natural situations with a supernatural intervention.  Jesus Himself said that He desires that none should perish but that all would come to repentance.  This is license for us to pray for those that we know or see in this seedy dilemma, and in fact is also true for ourselves.  What does it require of us? Umm… humility, a hope for those struggling, and a passion for those not yet saved.  We need to see the reality of a situation, but to not be put off by what we see. Rather, to arise and pray for what can be instead!



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