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“When they make you low, you will say there is a lifting up; and the humble person He lifts up and saves.” Amp Job 22:29


There is a place of safety even when it appears you are actively being sidelined, overlooked, discounted, neglected, or persecuted. It is a place of shielding and security in the very Presence of God and the walls of it’s structure are lined with the wallpaper of submission and humility before the God with Whom we have to do.

This is a place in the very stronghold of God! But the price of your admission is the Cross of Christ and your continued willingness to align in submission to the likeness of Christ’s submission to the Father as He went to the Cross.

Deviate from that spirit of humility and a humble posture… and you will be coming around this mountain again… and again!

It won’t be enough to posture as humble.  It must be congruent within you through and through!  It must radiate out of you as truth!

It will not be without pain and suffering.  But even that you will need to roll and commit to God moment by moment. And even though all things seem to cooperate in making you low, you must continue to believe …There is a lifting up!

This must be the confidence in your heart!  God is Faithful… there is a lifting up! Declare and degree it to your own heart! As an act of your will in faith before God …proclaim it in your own hearing, enforce in it your own flesh.  Bring every thought that would deny it, to the captivity of Christ Jesus!

His will will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!  And you are simply one of His earthen vessels that He desires to download Heaven into … that it can be poured out upon others!

It is the very reason you find yourself in this situation. But remain in confidence before the Lord.  He has Got This!  And He has got YOU!

It is the Humble person He lifts up and saves!  That process of being lifted up will make every impact and facet of being made low pale in comparison!

You can count on it! Count on Him! Go quickly to humbleness and stay there before Him!


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