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Day Twelve

Forego Hasty or Premature Judgments!

“…He will both bring to light the secret things that are [now hidden] in darkness and disclose and expose the [secret] aims (motives and purposes) of hearts…” 1Cor4:5

We know from the book of John that Jesus was the Word incarnate – He was the Word made flesh.  Previously He had been known as the “Logos” – the Word God spoke, and thus it was through this Word that everything that has been created was created!

In the gospel of John we see that Jesus gave and spoke to us every word that the Father gave Him.  He didn’t exceed this with words of His own making, nor exclude anything that the Father gave Him.  So there is perfect agreement between what the Father charged Jesus to do and say, and what Jesus gave or manifested to us.  He is the standard of perfect obedience!  So when we think of the word as a double-edged sword, or as living and active (as in Hebrews 4:12), exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart – we know that we are talking about the very essence of the nature of Christ here.   Jesus is the revealer of the thoughts and hearts of men!

Even Mary the mother of Jesus was to experience this “revelation” as she was told in Luke 2:35 that a sword would pierce her own soul and that the thoughts and purposes of many hearts may be brought out and exposed.  This is a specific property of the word of God.  Like H2O is the essence of the property of water — this is the very nature of Jesus, and from this distinct nature come all of His revelatory gifts such as words of knowledge or wisdom.  On his own, man does not have this ability.  It is only available through God as He provides the insight.  Man likes to figure things out by logic and reason, but this is very different and childlike compared to the truth that is known through God’s revelation.

Hence it is no wonder that we are told to not make hasty or premature judgments until Jesus “shows up”.  Our judgments are at best inaccurate observations, or based on faulty logic and analysis.  They are fraught with error!  Only the word that is living and active can disclose and expose the secret motives and purposes of the heart.  Unless the Lord provides this insight through the Holy Spirit to us, we are only seeing things on the surface.  We are walking by sight – only.  We might think we “know” something because we believe we have good intelligence, or we know it firsthand (we saw this).  But we do not have all the truth.  That only is available “when the Lord comes.”

He may show up manifestly for a moment, or He may send revelation through the Holy Spirit, or it might have to wait until His second coming.  But unless there has been a manifesting of His presence and truth in power, there is only a shadow of the truth available.  He is the revealer of the thoughts and hearts – and we must wait upon Him to cast light upon things that are hidden.

Thus we hold in abeyance the solidifying of an opinion that He has not precipitated nor confirmed!  Until the Lord discloses something, it is truly not yet known.  And if something is required to be known for pending action, we best be about the business of seeking His face and His truth.  Until that happens, we are just casting our own shadows on the wall – and those are all subject to change.

Let us realize our own limits to logically assess truth, and recognize our dependence on Him.  There is no getting around this fact — there is only counterfeiting it.



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