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Day Thirty


Are We a Schizophrenic Church?


“… Prepare in the wilderness the way of the Lord [clear away the obstacles]; make straight and smooth in the desert a highway for our God!  Every valley shall be lifted up and filled up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; and the crooked and uneven shall be made straight and level, and the rough places a plain.  And the glory (majesty and splendor) of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.”  (Amplified Is 40:3-5)


            It should provoke many saints to read a portrayal of the church as schizophrenic.  We should not be so!  Just as James describes a mouth from which comes blessing and cursing – it should not be so!  But as you look at the definition of schizophrenic with me – I pray you will recognize that label’s merit, though my purpose is not to label – but to shed light on our state in such a way that we may recognize our need for help in the Lord.

            Dictionary.com provides two renderings for schizophrenia:  (1) a severe mental disorder characterized by some, but not necessarily all of the following features:  emotional blunting, intellectual deterioration, social isolation, disorganized speech and behavior, delusions, and hallucinations.  (2) a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

            While I think the first rendering applies in part (in part because I would in no way call the Lord – Who is the head of the church “mental”), however a case could be made concerning the Body for it certainly displays various degrees of these characteristics.  Though this is a big problem – it is not the focus here.

            Instead, I would have you consider the churches’ schizophrenia as being related to this:  the word of the Scripture above (Is 40:3-5) was first heralded by Isaiah, and then again by John the Baptist; but it was accomplished and fully fulfilled by the Lord Jesus Christ during His lifetime on earth.  It is finished!  What is finished you ask?  Specific to this passage: the work required to lift up every valley and fill it, to make every mountain low, to make every crooked straight and level, and every rough place plain!

            Think again about the second definition of schizophrenia: a state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.  Through Jesus’ work here on the earth, every valley (every personal lack) that would preclude us from being able to receive all His grace, gifts, and provisions – whether of spirit/soul/or body has now been lifted up and filled.  Every mountain – (every aspect of ourselves) that is captive to pride or strongholds of thinking that would keep us from seeing the truth of our condition and need for Jesus has been brought low.  Now – in the place where there was a desert there is now a highway for our God.  Where my capacity to travel in His steps was previously impaired by lack, deception, or lies, now there is a straight way, cleared of obstacles.  I can now follow Christ Jesus – because He has made a way for me to do so.  That is the truth of where we are today.  But that is not our practice!  We do not see this truth in operation in the body of Christ today – in His church.

            At this point a VERY LARGE “WHY?” IS REQUIRED!  The short answer would be – we have a disconnect.  We (the Body of Christ) are living in a state internally, where things are trying to coexist that should not.  For example, faith is one of the three substances of the Kingdom of God that remain and cannot be shaken.  It is also the mechanism through which we inherit the word and the promises of God.  But what we often witness in the state of the Body (the Church) is lack, doubt, fear, faithlessness, etc. so that possession of the promises has not been possible.  Our enemy (Satan) is in overdrive using his minions to compromise our hunger for the word, our reliance on its truth, and dependence on God.  So we don’t know the things that make for victory.  We perish for lack of knowledge.  We operate as if we are still in the world, are no better off than the world, and our lives degrade and become examples of what appears to be in conflict with truth.  In other words, it appears that either God has lied, or He has not the power to perform what His word and promises say.  Yet saints, this is not so!  He has not lied, nor does He lack any power to perform His word!  We are to blame here – not God!

            The Body of Christ is locked in a schizophrenic state and knows it not.  It is locked in a state where it gives ground to the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.  These incompatible elements are flesh vs. faith; man’s reasoning vs. being led by the Spirit; natural life vs. spiritual life.  Like the picture of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream (in Dan 2) the feet were made of both clay and iron.  However, these substances cannot mix.  They cannot adhere together for they are not of one substance.  Molecularly – they will not stick together.

            As one body (in Christ) we must be of a substance that can adhere to Him.  There is only one nature that is Christ-like.  That nature is His nature – which He has given to us as part of the redemptive promise.  It was given so we would not live by our old nature.  But we would instead live and move and have our being in Him.  The schizophrenia of the church exists because we have not let go of and died to that old nature in preference and trust in Him.  It is not enough for just a small portion or percentage of the Body of Christ to live according to the Spirit.  It is for all of us to do so – otherwise you exclude yourself from having an inheritance in Him (Rom 8:9).

            This season, saints, look at yourself in the light of God’s word.  Allow the light of the Holy Spirit to examine you.  All that we need for victory has all ready been given.  Are you walking in it?  If not – ask Him why not?  Wait on His answer.  But do not have doubt, or fear, or wavering concerning His ability!  Not one word of His will fall to the ground – it is already settled in heaven.  This season – get a-hold of the word, and let it get a-hold of you in ways it has never before done.  When the word dwells in us richly – then we can abide in Him (in a unified state with Him) – we can then hang tough — losing the schizophrenic in favor of the authentic — Christ! 

Christmas Blessings to all – be-loved!


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