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Day Forty-Eight

Two-Sided Destruction

“For [then] He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence.”

Ps 91:3

          Do you know there are two sides to the offensive attacks of the enemy?  One side – brings an attack from the outside.  It is like the fowler’s snare –it presents the attack against your flesh (your body and soul).  These are the kinds of threats we are most aware of — muggers, murderers, even ones who simply desire to mistreat or harm you or speak evil of you – they are the more obvious agents prompted by the enemy.  Yet the Word of God is replete with instances where it shows that as we dwell in the Secret Place of the Most High God, we remain safe.  The need, however, is to abide in the Secret Place; to make the dwelling of God our home. Don’t wait for an attack to present itself before you go there – go there early, daily, and abide there.

Far more dangerous is the enemy’s postured attack that presents to the inside of you.  This is like the deadly pestilence.   It could be in the form of disease or infirmity, but it could easily be a thought or an attitude of your heart (doubt, wavering, fear, or wicked thinking) that will ultimately defile you.  Left unaddressed and unresisted, these thoughts can not only defile you, but if you were to entertain them (accept or share them) they would rise up and defile many.  These are the most dangerous agents, because we don’t often recognize the enemy’s campaign here.  They present their attack to the inside and we think it is our own thought.  We tolerate or worse make room for it by acceptance (“I’m getting sick.” or “I agree with that thought.”). Whether or not it is your thought or one planted by the enemy, the combat strategy is the same.  Confess and repent to the Lord, then resist the enemy and he will flee from you.       Ask the Lord to cleanse you and for destruction by the cross of the very nature in you which embraces and participates in such thinking.

It is failure to perceive the anti-Christ nature of these thoughts, and to address them properly that causes us much harm.  To not recognize them as wrongful, against the nature of Christ, and to not deal with them means they gain an avenue of entrance into us that is welcoming.  That allows for that thought process to grow and expand with other thoughts, equally destructive and harmful.  Soon it is like the Trojan-Horse waiting to distribute an advance team of the enemy’s camp and opening the gates to greater enemy forces.

For both of these attacks (from the inside or outside) the Lord is equally able to render them powerless.  However, we are way more disposed to perceive and register the external threat than the internal.  This is a problem.  It means the enemy will attempt both and see where you are quick to put him off.  Additionally, as part of growing in maturity in the Lord, He desires for us to become “like Him” in standing on His word.  More and more the Lord will require us to use His word by faith to deflect the tactics of the enemy.  This is part of our “yielding” to the Lord, where it really means we stand beside Him.  We must become sensitive to know when He will fight or when we must take up the fray.  This is part of growing in Him.

For now – be quick to discern the two-sided destruction the enemy would hurl your way to ensnare you!  It is already defeated by the blood!  Let us know the enemy’s tactics, but even more so know the provision of our Lord Jesus Christ that has overcome the world, even our faith!

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